Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy relationships can deeply impact your well-being and happiness. Some are overtly toxic or abusive, while others have subtle, harmful patterns. Recognizing these signs is vital, enabling you to either address the issues or decide to move on.

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Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse whereby a person or group manipulates one or more people into questioning their sanity and perception of reality. People who gaslight use this form of emotional abuse to exert power or control over others to manipulate them.

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Narcissism is the overinflated belief that one is superior to everyone else, with excessive interest in oneself and in appearance. Narcissistic individuals have an inflated sense of self-importance and entitlement, have a strong desire for attention and admirations, and lack empathy for others.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Covert narcissists are those who have all the same goals as overt narcissists such as craving attention and power over others, but their methods of doing this are more subtle that it may be less obvious to others. Covert narcissists typically are more introverted in personality and may come across as shy and withdrawn but are still able to manipulate others.

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Romantic relationships are likely to reflect early attachment style because the experience a person has with their caregiver in childhood would lead to the expectation of the same experiences in later relationships, such as parents, friends, and romantic partners.

However, researchers have proposed that rather than a single attachment which is generalized across relationships, each type of relationship comprises a different attachment style. This means that a person could be securely attached with their parents, but insecurely attached with romantic relationships.

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